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Hi everyone,
I wanted to let everyone know me and a friend just started an install garage in Central PA, 50 mi. north of Harrisburg, in Selinsgrove.

It is a teaching/learning garage, which basically means if you have parts to put on your car and need a place to do it and someone to show you how, we are here. We also can do the install for you in you don't want to help. The web site explains everything, plus has a small list/gallery of the cars we've worked on lately.

Our web site is:

The prices are very low, $15-$30 an hour, basically doing this as a service, and to keep the garage running not to make a profit. I want people to appreciate their cars and take pride in the fact they got to work on them. If any one is interested go to the site and e-mail me and I can get you quotes.

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