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A heads up for people in the San Antonio area looking for automotive machine work.
Don't EVER take anything besides a lawn mower engine to Kotzur Machine.

I took them a Datsun L18 block to be bored for a new set of custom JE over sized pistons.
That is all that I asked for, bore job only. They said a few days.

After 4 weeks of calling them, asking if they had bored it yet, and getting told "no, a few more days".
They said that they were working on some fucking 'merican V8 pos of some sort, and it was taking a long time to hone.
Really, taking weeks on one fucking engine, just to hone it ?
I asked how close they bore the holes to the finished size.
They told me something like .010" under, and then honed to finish size, and that it takes a long time because they hone until it gets hot, then have to let the block cool. I asked why they left so much material, and the kid said "that's the way my dad wants to do it".
But I have bored a few engines myself over the years, and never, ever left that much material to take with a hone.
A couple of thousands at most.

I called again to see what was going on, and got another run around, only with a twist.
They said that they had just finished decking the block, and it would get bored shortly, like the next few days.
Only fucking thing is, I didn't ask them to deck the block !
If I had, I would have taken them the front cover too, because the head also seals on the top of the cover, and they need to be at the same height.

Then after another fucking god damn 3 fucking weeks, I finally got the block back. Bore finish is so smooth, I just know that getting the rings to seat will be an ordeal.

Three of the bores had a .0005" taper, tighter at the top, which I could have lived with, as I have set up quite a few engines like that, as the cylinder runs hotter at the top, and expands more than the bottom.
the forth cylinder had no taper.
And the cylinders were not round at all, as much as .0015" out of round.

So much for "dad's" special hone process.......
Oh well, this is fucking San Antonio........
I could live with that, didn't like it, but could live with it.
Only recourse is to find another block, and start over.

So then I went to check how much I had to cut the front cover, since they decked the damn block for no reason.
I had called them, and asked how much they had cut it, but they didn't remember......
So I installed the front cover to see.
The fucking deck had been cut more on one side, than the other, by fucking .007" !!
So, figured that the head leaning to one side by a few thousands isn't going to hurt too much, so I machined the front cover to match.
That is when I noticed that the deck surface wasn't square to the front machined surface that the cover bolts to.
Jesus H fucking ass holes !

Next I took my machinist's square, and sure enough, it wasn't.
So I then checked the head surface being square to the bores.
Nope, the fucking bores are angled front to back also, with all 4 bores leaning towards the rear.

I have a sneaking suspicion that these guys have no idea how to make anything flat, round, square, parallel, or perpendicular.
In other words, they are not machinists.

Oh, and after another 3 weeks, they still had not got around to honing the wrist pin bushings to size, so I picked them up, drove 12 miles further, to Duffin Machine, just south of the airport.
Had them the next day.........
Everything done right the first time.

You have been warned.......

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My friend's are using Janke Engines here in San Antonio. Always does quality work at an affordable price. Old man Janke knows his stuff. Should check him out and see if he's able to help you.

Janke Engines
5540 Dietrich Rd Ste A, San Antonio, TX 78219
(210) 661-2654
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