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hey guys please let me know any performance parts selling shops in BOSTON MA or surrounded areas. where i can find the PU complete bushings kit for my toyota supra 1995. because my dad is in MA he can go anywhere nearby to purchase the stuff but unfortunately he doesn't have any idea to find it i need to tell him by this week before he return back to my country.

let me explain you the whole problem. my car has a very rough handling and its too old plus no alignment car goes zigzag when i push the gas all of a sudden. which i then figured out some bushings were messed up .im running right now on a stock bushings so im looking for a change i hope you guys can help me out in figuring me a shop until now i only saw powerflex sells PU bushings if you guys can tell if there any other brand which i can find complete kit for good deal i would apperciate please help me out sugestions are 31st i need get this on hand

mods if this is a wrong section to post it please move it to the correct section as im a newbie :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

peace up

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Why not order poly bushings from MVP or something. Since most shops in Boston aren't going to have them on hand anyway.
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