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I did it, to anyone who read my other thread, my car broke down in Virginia, 400 miles from my front door.

So, I rented a trailer, and borrowed a broken ass truck and left at midnight on saturday.

On the way home the truck would barely break 50 downhill and barely break 35 uphill. Blew one of the head gaskets on the way down very mildly. If you know any other vehicle then a good old american V8 that can drive 700 miles on a BHG and TOW a heavy ass Supra 350 of those miles and STILL run like a champ, let me know.

I was back in time to see the Eagles whoop the cowboys asses :)

Anyhow, so, during my trip I saw 4 supras, I will try to be specific as to where I saw them and I was curious if they saw me.

While I was traveling Northbound (~7am - 12:30 PM Sunday)

-1 While N/A Pre 89 Supra in Virginia On I95 N
-1 Light Blue 89+ Turbo in Virginia On I95 S
-1 Dark Blue 89+ Turbo in Virginia On I95 N
-1 Maroon 89+ Turbo with 2.5 Twin Turbo grille badge in Delaware on I95 S

I was in a Silver 1988 Chevy Pickup with my supra on a trailer.

Oh yeah, and more bad news, when I unloaded it off the trailer the front lip got caught on something and got a little fucked up, not TOO bad but a good excuse to replace it.

Can I get some recommendation on what new front bumper covers look nice without the rest of the bodykit to go with it, I dont want anything TOO extreme, or too expensive.

If you could also include in your recommendation where I could see it/buy it.

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Sorry about your ride, but at least it's back safe at home. Yeah I love my Bomex Lip but that damn thing hangs way too low. My car is only lowered 1.2" and it drags on alot of intersections.

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Keep in mind, I want something that will look good without sideskirts.

I like the Do Luck but I think it would look odd without sideskirts.

Can I get some links to these bumpers?
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