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Phillip Long 2 step rev limiter question

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I just got finished installing the Phillip Long 2 step rev limiter today.

I dunno... but it doesnt stutter as fast as I thought it would.

I adjusted the little calibration knob and the fastest it will stutter is about every half second.

Is this the way his rev limiter is designed?

most of the rev limiters I hear at the track stutter about 4 times a second.

it works fine and builds boost at a stop but it kinda sounds funny. it doesnt really sound like I have a 2 step. it sounds more like im pressing the throttle up and down as fast as I can.

for those of you that have it installed...
is this the fastest it will stutter?
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one more question.

how did you guys wire up the trigger wire?

right now I just have it attached to a momentary button that I hold down as I launch.

only problem is...

I keep forgetting to let go of the button every once in a while when I launch.

is there a way to rig it to disengage when I let off the clutch?
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