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galleyhand said:
How much for the TRD motor mounts and TRD tranny mount shipped to 71360??? Would it be possible to have these by Fri or Sat??? Thanks. Also, could you tell Kevin thanks again for fixing the Fluidyne problem that I had. Everything is working great. If its possible to have these by the weekend you can call me at 318-451-8832 for my cc info. Is this the combo that all the high hp supras are using???

I'll give you a ring tommorow to calculate shipping for the motor and tranny mounts. I know we have the engine mounts in stock, I saw a few sets of tranny mounts come in today, not sure if they're for stock though or to fulfill backorders. Either way I'll find out in the morning and let you know by noon.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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