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Phr Map Ecu

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Iam curious about the PHR MAP ECU i have read all the threads about it but would like to know if there is anyone out there that uses the PHR MAP ECU on their single installation ?
I would be nice to hear your opinions about the MAP ECU.

Thanx in advance
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Ring mig om du ska sälja ditt AEM, bråttom så jag måste veta ikväll!


We will be installing one in my buddy's SP-Budget kit this weekend, so I can let you know how it perform's..

I have 1 left in stock if your interested

Great Al :) iam looking forward to hear from you after this weekend and Good luck with install.
Hey Al,

Hit me up on AIM if you have time. I would also like to know
how it performed. Thanks bro. ttyl.

Sure.. I will let oyu guys know..
But it doesnt look like its gonna happen this weekend.. Tooo much scheduled, not enough time.. :(

So it might be early next week..

Anyone have some new information.

Thanx in advance
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