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Well, been a while since I posted. I've been building a house/shop/garage over the last couple of years, so my 87T with the SP63 has been getting minimal use. Had the opportunity to buy this 89T hardtop and had to jump on it...

All original paint, 100% stock, 61,3XX on the odometer. Never seen a winter, hasn't seen rain (or any significant sun) in many, many years. Previous owner was VERY meticulous, still had the original 89 brochure.

3 very minor dings and one slightly worse ding. The left side of the steering wheel has some marks from where his wife's wedding ring rubbed. The front channels of the stereo are dead. Other than that, MINT (well, needs some under hood cleaning).

Probably paid way too much, but what the heck...

I gotta say, it's slow, but it's also incredibly nice... Maybe I'm getting old. The 87T is getting sold in some form, gotta figure that out. Bonus points for anyone who knows what the white(ish) car is in the garage.

Anyone have a clean original CD player from an 89/90 they want to part with? The previous owner bought a 16804 unit that came with (I believe) the 91-95 Supras with external amplifiers thinking it would work, so I have that. I may try to see if I can figure out a clean way to use it.

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That thing is clean, good deal.

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I think that's a fair price for something that is this clean and wil low milleage. I've seen some low milleage owners asking $9-12k for there cars

I paid $8k for it. More than it's worth? Probably. Was I going to find a cleaner one anytime soon without having to travel and deal with the costs of getting it home? Probably not.

Nope, but correct country of origin ;)
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