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My dad asked me to post his build pics for him. He is a registered user here but doesn't post much, so he doesn't know how or where to post the pictures.

His Supra is a sky blue 1986.5 hardtop, automatic and N/A. He first bought it for $250. Only problem was the 7MGE was in pieces and scattered all over the trunk and backseat. So he scrapped the 7MGE and installed a 7MGTE. Drove the car for a few months and then found a good deal on a 2JZGTE that he couldn't pass up. The car also had a bad rust problem that had to be taken care of. He did all the work himself.

The rust was all over the engine bay, on the firewall, battery tray, wheel wells, under the fenders, and back in the truck/hatch area.

Aristro 2JZGTE stock internals
Garett T77 @ 10lbs
850cc injectors
SDS Engine Management

Car needs a stronger clutch, It starts slipping @ 15lbs.

The entire build took about 3 years.

1 - 20 of 122 Posts