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1994 MKIV Supra Turbo - Auto
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Hey Guys and Gals,

Pioneer has the DEH-P7400MP and the Premier DEH-P740MP. What are the big differences between the two? Does the Premier line use better components? The wattage outputs are different but that's all I can find. One specific question I'm looking for an answer to is do either of these have a Spectrum Analyzer? It's a personal preference thing (I enjoy dancing lights) :)

I want to get a CD/MP3 player in my truck and I'll be doing the install to "practice" before installing a system in my Supra.
I already of the Pioneer 480Watt GM-X564 for the truck. Just have to get the head unit and wiring...

Also, Alpine makes the CDA-7894. This is also a CD/MP3 player. Has anyone had experience with this unit? How does it compare with the Pioneers?

Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thx in advance....

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