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Guys I was sick and tired of looking for supras and mad becasue of limited pics and places to look!!!!!!!!!!!!

So with my money I built a site to the best of my knowledge

for just supras and only Supras

A Classified Supra site 10 pics your price and map to location easy for the buyer.

Dusty and everybody at MVP know about this site so MODS check with the owners before you delete.

I wouldn't do this if i didn't have permission

So go here to post your ad

The fist 40 Ads is free the rest $20.00 after the fist 40

money goes toward hotsing fees and site devolpment

Post the ad here

have fun with it and i hope everybody find there dream supra


FIRST 40 ADs ARE FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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