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I'm gonna try this again. I'm pissed because it crapped out the first time though... stupid forum error.

How fast is my car?

Very accurate 1/4 mile calculator, though it needs alot of input information.
You may have to register, but it's well worth it. They have many many utilities.

Wheelbase: 103
Drag Coefficient: .33
Frontal area: ~19.5

4 speed auto
1st: 2.804
2nd: 1.531
3rd: 1.000
4th: 0.705

stock stall ~2300
torque mult, just error on side of slower and put 0
slippage 1 (its realy zero, but cant put that in)

5 speed manual (turbo)
1st 3.25:1
2nd 1.95:1
3rd 1.31:1
4th 1.00:1
5th 0.75:1

rear end ratios: 3.73, 3.91. 4.30

Make sure you put in the correct elevation and weight for your car. Just goto your local track's webpage, it will tell you. That or google.

Here is a stock dyno (court. shawndude) you can use as a baseline. Adjust based on your mod level. Have fun.
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