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is the stock auto TT hp and torque the same as the 6spd TT?

those with the auto: daily driven.... do u get bored with driving the auto. OR would you get bored if you've been driving a stick all your life?


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Hi dza. I thought I had a soft spot for retards but I assumed you were talking about timing issues ;)

Auto and 6sp Supras had the same factory power & torque ratings. Driveline losses are a little higher for the autos as usual, but autos make up for it at the drags with better launching ability, at least for most drivers.

I would never trade my 6sp for an auto, I love driving it daily. A few times a year I do lapping sessions at local road courses and the 6sp is more fun for that IMO. Supras have a damn nice auto though, so if you have to have an auto, it ain't bad either.
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