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please help me analyze my dyno results

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This is my second session and it looks like I still don't have it right. The first ever dyno run got me a whopping 268 RWHP, I suspected a downshift to 2nd gear that gave me low numbers.

With some advice from members, the Auto does not like to be hammered at low rpms. I went again today for a second run. Here are my setup

TRAC fuse not pulled
TRAC switch off
O/D off
100 octane unleaded.
NGK 3330 with 300 miles on them

This time I went WOT at 4200 rpm in 3rd gear on all 3 runs. On the 1st run I set a low ratio=62, and gain=5 on the DSBC, from the peak hold reading I only hit max boost of 0.9 kg/cm^2(12 psi) and 300.2 RWHP.

On the next run I upped the ratio=72 but again the same boost and 300.3 RWHP.

On the 3rd run I upped the ratio=82 and gain=15, hit only 1.05 kg/cm^2(14.93psi) and 308.1 RWHP. I noticed that I hit max boost at around 5000 rpm and watched the DSBC reading slowly go down as I neared redline. Right there and then I immediately thought of a boost leak.:mad:

I know I mostly likely have a boost leak. But why is the torque reading so much higher on my last run than my hp? I thought that torque is usually about the same or slightly lower.

I confirmed the boost readings on my way home, I could only manage to hit a little bit over 1.0 kg/cm^2 on a WOT run.

Thanks for you input.
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