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please help me find a drag tire that hooks up on a dusty street....

I´m kind of frustrated.

I need a drag setup that can hook up my 6 speed (about 600-700rwhp)
on the two step.....

but our tracks are like your prep ....... and dusty.

I was not able to do a WOT launch with my C5 Corvette Automatic when I had just heads/cam setup (about 400rwp). And I CAN drive !!
I had about 2,3 on MT streets as I needed to baby the car out of the hole or it would spin through all first gear.

Now I have no idea how I should launch a 700hp SUPRA on such tracks.

Anyone has experience with track tires on the street??
Yes, I need to compare your "normal" streets to our tracks. :)

I not really want to do a 15" wheel and loose my TT breaks.
But if anyone did try a big slick on the street and says it hooks up the 700 hp, I may think about it again.

Also I don´t know how stable a 28" x 15 drag slick is on high speeds......

I hope anyone can help me out !!!!
I´m open to all thoughts !!!

Thanks !!!

I smell C-16 ;D
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I have never seen an Et/street or even a true drag slick that would hook up much better than that on a public street. We used to do A LOT of street racing with a 650 hp Buick GN and it would spin completely through first and then hook about half way though second with a 29x12.50x15 Mickey thompson ET/Street. If you want better traction go that route and then do a burnout through some VHT Trackbite. That will yeild about the best results. Drew
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