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I have a greddy turbo timer that came with the car.

The connector on the turbo timer has been cut, i guess by the previous owner, and i can't figure out how to get it connected to my harness i bought.

Turbo timer connector and harness connector

The turbo timer has a black, white, red, and green wires. The harness has a 3 wire connector (blue, green, and red), and there are wires coming from the red and green on the harness.

Close up of connectors

I don't understand how to wire the turbo timer with the wires as such. According to greddy's site, i'm supposed to use another harness to connect the 3 wire connector from the harness, to the 4 wire connector on the turbo timer. But i don't have that harness and can't find a seperate part number for it.
Can you guys help please? I'm not good with electrical stuff, and i'm afraid to short something and do some serious damage. :(


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i believe that one of the wires from the timer is for the parking brake, maybe the black one...i would just cut the wires on the harness and connect the stripped ends to the ones on the harness....i dont know if this answers your question...some one correct me if i am wrong

i dont know which colors go where....sorry


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ok i dont know that turbo timer that well...however i think this is somewhat close and might give you a bit of insight....

i think the obvious is the green and red match up........ the black is most likely ground....the white could be power source or for the parking brake.on my bltz TT the parking brake wire was purple and was seperate from the harness though.....

i also know that the blue part of that harness is usually cut so the stock alarm works...... however dont go cutting it off....again this is all from my blitz setup....

neways sorry i couldnt help more but keep searching....i would help but im really tired right :(
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