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I just got the new tso4 installed and when i started it just reved down and quit ,tried it again.same results. I am running an open downpipe so the second exhaust temp. gauge isnt hooked up to anything.That could be why.

But the BIG problem is that were the downpipe and turbo connect with the turbo clamp it just blows a shit load of smoke.
:( :mad:
Is there suppost to be a gasket there? I dont have on there.

if so were can I get one?

Thanks in advance...


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If your car does want to idle it could be a number of things but, if you messed with your timming belt, it may be off timing. There is no gasket from the turbo a/r to the down pipe. You must use a good v clamp and make sure that when tighten it you have a good grasp on both edges (turbo a/r & D/P side)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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