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I would like to make 750-850 HP...
I have Greddy divided header
Type-R waistgate with open end dump tube.
I will have full 3.5 or 4" exhaust.
Slightly ported head Crower stage 2 cams
Crower valvetrain.
2.75" intercoler piping...
1300 CFM spearco intercooler
Veilside replica manifold with 9" runner and vellocity stacks.
AEM engine managment.
Powerband should be 4000-8000 maybe 8500RPM.

I have been thinking that either T66 with .84 divided and Q??? trim ...
T72 .84 with P trim????

I dont know I havent seen much info on the diferencess in the P and Q trims or the A/R ratios. Turbonetics offers .70 . 84 . 100 in the divided housing...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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