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Titan has realized there are new economic changes in the marketplace. Did you lose your ass in the stock market? Recent divorce? Bad Credit? Well horsepower can still be gained.

The answer for anyone on a poor boy's budget but hungry for horsepower and quick spool.

Here at Titan Motorsports we have developed a product that even the paycheck to paycheck Supra owner can afford. Not ready for one of our 3.4L 1,800 horsepower tested strokers but you still want a motor package from a race proven company? Well now we have the answer. We are now announcing the release of the 3.2 Liter Titan Motorsports “Poorboy Stroker”. This setup is rated to over 1,000 horsepower and 9,500rpm if you so desire. It will utilize custom connecting rods and custom CP or JE Pistons. The crank is yet another custom offering from the best here at Titan Motorsports (substantially poor’er then the billet units of the 3.4L)

Our engines have proven themselves time and time again, and in an effort to allow our customers with tighter budgets to have an affordable motor package that will still allow them to make nearly an extra 10% of torque right off the bat, not to mention spool the turbo faster, we bring to you the Poorboy. The starting price for this kit is an amazing $6,500 dollars ASSEMBLED or an extra $1,300 if you’d like our custom proven Billet Main caps for extra insurance (got that bonus this week). We are also offering our Half Inch Headstud option at a mere $500.

Since this is meant for those with the tightest of finances, we are requiring only a modest $500 dollar deposit as opposed to our normal $1,000 dollars. We are commencing production on the Poorboy immediately and are taking pre-orders now.

I’d like to say we’re Robin Hood, unfortunately we’re not at that high stature yet, but you can still win with a POORBOY!

To recap:
$6500 assembled (options below)
$1300 billet mains
$500 ½” studs
$2300 shortblock core

Of course Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex are all accepted.

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poor boy... hmmm

whens the 3.05 broke boy stroker motor come out come out?

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Alex D said:
You get a fully assembled shortblock, and you send in your old fully assembled shortblock for a core.
slither said:
If thats correct, COTDAMN thats a good deal.
I will be ordering one very shortly if this is indeed the case
Anyone confirm that validity on this?
Anyone confirm this is correct? I am guessing now that the $2300 is JUST the core charge for your block?

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Very cool. I wish they would put out a stoker for the 3SGTE. Just to make the market more appealing. ATS Racing and Engine Logic both put out great 2.2lt kits but to have another option would help in competitive pricing I think. keep up the good work Titan.


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Just to start, I'm not knocking Titan or this product. I'm also just offering my opinions.

The only problem I see is the capability of the project from a business standpoint.
Nicknaming it the "poorboy stroker," even if it's just a nickname, just doesn't seem like it would be good for sales. While the marketing theory may be appealing to a lower budget, nobody wants to mention their "poorboy stroker," or have someone who knows about to call out their stroked 3.2L TT 2JZ as the "poorboy stroker." Get my drift?

Assuming their ego/reputation remain undamaged (keeping in mind it's often sponsored race teams or individuals using strokers, not just average owners), while $6500 is a great deal, it's still not too different from the price of the HKS stroker, which is apparently still at $8K. I know this is only the rotating assembly, but rarely is the block itself a point of failure or even high stress in these motors (I'm aware of the additional heat created from stroking). For the higher budgets, selecting a block isn't too far off in the price point. This is all keeping in mind that quite often, most people wanting to stroke their motor wouldn't spend the time, DOWNtime, labor, and money to get the poorboy model.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems as though there are a lot more of the different brands of 3.4s than the Jun (or other existing brands) 3.2L.

Again, looks like an excellent product with a great price, but one that just doesn't seem to have much of a place in the market. I'm just curious on the business logic. Anyone can feel free to help me if I missed any details.
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