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Potentially Serious Rust Issue: All Mkiv's Be Aware

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hey guys,
i wrote this in another post about white supras...but its gotta come back out NOW. you all need to be aware and ready when the problem hits you. ive discovered the first spot of rust on my BLACK 93.5 na auto w/48k miles. RARELY in rain...

anyway...if you can bear to look..CAREFULLY lift up with your fingernail the rubbery stuff around the rear hatch window..look at the lower corners and the absolute bottom. i caught my trouble early. i tiny brownish colored spot no bigger than a cm. apparently it'll hit us all, and we CAN slow it, but i dont know about stopping it. the water ((from washing as well as rain)) pools there and it sits and seeps down in. please i want you all to know about this so your rear windows wont rust out.
cost of repair once the damage is done was about 1,000! like i said, its serious. (cost is to remove glass, sand down rust, patch up and replace glass)) and i take REALLY good care of my im somewhat shocked. a design flas in the mkiv :( . please just be on the lookout, and make sure you tightly push the rubbery stuff back down when your down looking. you'll probly need a bright light on a darker color.
good luck to all.
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i remember seeing this on the mailing list a long while back, but still haven't checked to see if it's there.
crap ya i've heard about this :(... dissapointing... but o well. I will check out my car when i get home :( I hope its ok for now. Got 42k miles on it now so who knows. Im hoping to sell it and get my TT by then tho. Do you know if its a problem in both NA and TT or just in the NAs? Also i know this is off subject , but about the rear control arm problem is that in the TT and NA both or just the NA? I know its a problem in my NA cause i hear it badly, but I was wondering if its a problem in the TTs as well thanks!


no way around it man, sorry. just poor engineering. ((man you rarely hear that about toyotas....)) i have a spot of rust about a square mm or cm...very slight on my black supra 48k miles. you should def check, but be carefully with the rubbery seal make sure to press it back down when your done. use bright lights to look.
best of luck to you
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