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Since everyone is attempting to convert their MK4"s from AFM to speed density I was wondering if anyone has ever considered using the Power FC? The reason that I ask this is because the Jap spec Supra runs a MAP sensor vice the US AFM. By utilizing the JDM you would be converting to speed density and have ignition/ fuel adjustability via the commander, so you wouldn't need to haul around the lap top.

Before the flamming starts I will start off saying that I am aware that the JDM Supra and US model Injectors are of both different impediances and sizes. Adding a resistor to the injector harness will solve the impediance problem, and you can create a fuel curve via the commander.

I have compared the wiring diagrams from the US version to the JAP version for compatability for the AEM EMS. There was a total of 6 different wires between the 2. They are for the MAP sensor (need to add), MAF sensor (would need to remove), and the #2 exhaust 02 sensor (OBD1 vs OBDII).

This set up should allow the average racer who doesnt want to go through the hassle of learning the stand alone systems, but yet have controlability as needed.

I have never tried this conversion, but it seems that it would work and theroy, and provide basic users access to Fuel, Ignition, and convert to speed density at the same time.

Currently e-manage, S-AFC (I & II), nor MAP ECU can do all of these in 1 box!! Please, I'm not an Apexi dealer, and I don't care if you ever do this mod, just trying to help.

If the Aussies ever create the data logger box for the MK4 Supra's, AEM might have some competition with their plug and play, base map included stand alone system. Because with the data logger for Apexi you can have 100% controlability as you would with any EMS.
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