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Power fc map for a nissan skyline GT-R

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hi all, I'm new here and in need of some help

My setup goes like

1000cc inj, t88h38gk, intake, 272/272 cams and 280/280 for drag

My plan is 1 bar @ 93 octane
2 bar @ c16 race gas

Car is a 1997 Skyline GT-R R33 running a Power fc d-jetro version

I'm in need of a good base map off someone's car to check and fine
tune again

Just wanted to check out what people tend to set their timing at and all

please share :)
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i am sure you would get a better response over at in the skyline GTR Section.
i tried ...nothing over there :(

Drag in few days ... got some supras to destroy :angel:
I'm a member of most gt-r forums man ...

no luck ..thought I'd try here as some members do have GT-Rs
Where are you located, PM me, i can ask a friend. List your setup also.
I have a PFC dejetro in my GTR

But I would really recommend you have someone map it

All that money in your motor, you should have it done properly

I would send you my file but I dont have the same mods as you. I am running near stock timing and a11.6 afr straight across
Bmw neo type ..

My mods are :

-Trust t88h38gk
-Single throttle body intake ..instead of the 6 itb's
-1000 cc injectors
-power fc d-jetro
-272/272 cams or 290/280 cams
8.3 compression ratio .. the rest doesnt matter haha

Rhd soarer

what mods ur running on ur gt-r ?We might be close

I wanna run close to stock timing too, as our gas here is crap 91-93 .... Ill advance it abit when running on c16 ..
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I need anyone's HIGH BOOST map to look at ...

I wanna check out what high boost ppl tend to set their timing at let's say 2 bar or above
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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