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Hey guys, pretty new to the forum here, I just purchased a 2jz and I have the complete 2jz swap sitting on my garage floor, picked it up for 1900. Anyways I just want to get an opinion of what you guys think about my parts list. I am going to install all these parts in my list here before the swap goes in, I am sure most of the parts on the motor are still good but for just for the piece of mind factor I am going to install all of it. I just wanted to know if there is anything else you think I should purchase before throwing it in. I just bought a 1989 na targa for 400 bucks with a blown 7m. I am about to send the harness's out to get worked on. Anyways here is my list. let me know what you think thanks

DM Lightweight Crank Pulley
DM Pulley Kit
DM Engine Mount Bracket
1JZ round engine mounts
OEM Oil Pump
OEM thermostat
1JZ Bell housing
DM Lightweight Flywheel
ARP Flywheel Bolts
R154 Tranny
OEM ZJZ Serpentine Belt
OEM Cam Seals
OEM Water Pump
2JZ Throttle Cable
Oil Pressure Sender
DM Oil Pan Kit
HKS Timing Belt
DM Hydraulic Timing Belt Tensioner
ARP Head Stud Kit
ARP Main Stud Kit
HKS Headgasket
NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs
DM Oil Catch Can
OEM Toyota Oil Filter
Electric Fan
Walbro Fuel Pump
DM T4 Manifold
Holset HX40 Turbo
HKS 50mm Wastegate
Synapse BOV
Custom IC Piping
AEM UEGO Air/Fuel Gauge
AEM water/methanol Injection
Siemens 750cc injectors
Motec 600
Custom 3" Downpipe
3" full Custom exhaust w/ 3" cut out

I know there some thing missing, but that is just a rough sketch. If you guys want to chime in on anything, please let me know..Thanks

The car wont be ran until I get my suspension set up out of the way...I just want to get this car running and tuned.

And does anyone know any experienced motec tuners with a good rep in the Dallas texas area

Sorry for the newbie post, flame if need be :die:

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Did you make sure you have the later crossmember with the round mounts allready in it? 89 was the year it changed my 89 has the old style crossmember with the block style "square" mounts

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yes sir...I went out to a local junkyard and pulled one..mine has the old square style too..I was took apart my motor today and am going to get some head work done, and I might just bite the bullet and get some forged internals while I have the motor out..ohnoes:
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