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My Fellow Supraforum Members:

By way of background, I spent $2,900 to have Koshy supposedly "chrome" my mint condition, mirror polished 18 CCW wheels for my RSP TRD Widebody, and any and all engine bay parts or other car parts I wanted chromed on my Supra (for car show purposes).

My car has been being built and modifed since 2009 by Brian Doyle a/k/a Chevyeater on SF. It literally has not been driven .1 miles since the project began (as it has no engine or trans in it).

As such, Koshy's "chromed" parts have seen zero road use or weather elements. The car has been constantly stored (as it always has been) in a secure, climate controlled garage.

I will left Brian Doyle chime in after this initial post (as I have no computer posting skills and honestly don't know how to post pixs) and post up the pixs for you to see what Koshy calls "chromed" wheels and parts.

As Brian is also a very well respected, long standing member of SF, he will post both the pixs and his opinion based upon his interractions with Koshy.

Per Doyle's opinion Koshy incorrectly reassembled my 3 piece CCW wheels so they wouldn't hold any air once the tires were put back on, causing me to expend even more unreimbursed $$$ to have the issues corrected.

Suffice to say, Koshy has refused to warranty any of the chromed parts (yet he told me via email he would take care of all chroming issues) or return any of my money.

I have every single email and correspondence between me, Doyle and Koshy. If anyone wants to see them, I'll have Doyle post them after he posts the pixs.


IMHO..Koshy has made it clear to me he only cares about taking my $$ and nothing else.

I again welcome Brian Koshy-RB Chroming to contact me immediately to resolve my issues with his "services" and "chroming." I will delete this post/retract my statements should we come to terms.

I previously tried to resolve my issues with him via phone and email prior to posting this thread up, but Brian Koshy refused to either re-chrome the parts or refund my money. He refuses to honor even his own warranty or to honor the commitments he made to me and Doyle through out this ordeal.

Finally, if Koshy does not make this right between us in the very near future I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau, I will be filing a law suit against him and I will make it my mission to keep this thread updated every single day until I receive satisfaction or he goes out of business.


Pics to follow by Brian Doyle. Stay tuned fellow SF'ers.

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I posted these pictures because I am attempting to finish this car for Pete and the car and parts are currently in my possession. These are representative pictures. There were a large number of parts sent to RB Chroming from this car and none of them came out well at all. There is chrome on top of dirt, chrome on top of obviously unprepared surfaces, areas that are missing chrome and every part of it falls off if you even look at it funny. Once it does fall off, it is obvious that there is just bare metal there, no underlying layers from a proper triple dipping process.

I am concerned about finding someone willing and able to fix this stuff right after this. It will be a huge amount of work to go back now and get these parts all 100% after they have been insulted and assaulted like this, in my opinion.

Everything Pete has posted is accurate as far as how things went down. Even Mr. Koshi agreed there were "some" issues with the chroming job during the flurry of emails that resulted from me opening his shipment back to me and he would take care of them. He later reneged on that statement and told us to go scratch, hence this thread. All of the emails are indeed saved on my computer if anyone would like to see them (I have already forwarded them to Will @ Supraforums).

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Horrible, just horrible. Cant believe he would send back to you in that condition.

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Like we discussed Pete, I hope this gets resolved. I'd be upset too...

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I'll back up TRD RSP WIDEBODY, my parts came back from RB half assed as well.

I spent about $30 on bubble wrap when sending my parts, and they sent them back wrapped in newspaper only.

Luckily the only damage was to my virtualworks IC pipe...

Here are the pics of the VW intake:

(i was super pissed when i looked inside)

The other pieces i sent in have the same weird marks on them and some pitting. However Brian did say he would pay half the cost of repairs for the dent in the pipe for something that was 100% RB Chroming's fault, and I was stuck with marked up chrome. I couldn't afford a new VW pipe so I bought the pieces to remake it, emailed Brian, and never got a response. I didn't try again after that because I figured I was down and out. I suppose I'll try again.

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Damn, that is horrible looking work. I had the impression RB had a decent reputation for chroming but that's some of the worst plating I've ever seen.

(PS: chevy Brian, does this mean you're back? <<< I know that's wishful thinking :( )

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I am not surprised by this at all. I bought some chromed radiator supports from RB Chroming and I was very disappointed in what I received. I contacted Brian and told him I wanted another set. The other set he sent me was better but still not "show quality".

My friend who is a member on here sent several engine bay items to Brian. My friend was told 1-2 week turn around time. Well it took way longer than that and anytime my friend tried to contact Brian to get a update Brian either wouldn't answer or return phone calls. Then Brian would say he was shipping the stuff out but would never provide any shipping info. So customer service definitely sucked.

When he finally received the parts (everything wrapped in newspaper), I was there when he opened the box for the first time. Personally, I would have been pissed that I spent the money he did and received what he did. My friend was just happy to get the parts back so he could get the car put back together so he didn't say anything.

The stock TB had this "paste" that was everywhere. Everything had pitting here and there. Places didn't have any chrome at all.

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My parts were sub-par aswell. Nothing that bad but had lots of pitting and prep spots missed. Funny thing is RB's prices are about the same as others but the one week turn around is why I went with them. Parts took longer then a week, pitting, light chrome look, some flaking on the under side ect ect.

Hope it works out for you!

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Peter is leaving out the fact that these parts have been left out in the open since 2009.
This order is was done years ago!

You neglect anything for that long and yes damage can occur.
The only thing that was "damaged" that we agreed to fix was the chipped plating in the turbo housing, which Peter told me about soon after getting them back. His builder left these wheels "stored" out in the elements and how they are trashed, how we are we responsible for neglect? The only person who reassembled the wheels was Mr. Doyle his builder, we told Peter we do no disassembly or reassembly of parts as also noted on our website and he said Mr Doyle would handle it. Otherwise Peter was completely content with his order until now after his builder ruined the wheels with his neglect and is now trying to pass off the blame to us.

That is all we will post about regarding this matter.
We have processed thousands of orders without issue, and plenty of our own SF customers have parts that still look like new that are older than his order.
We are a trusted chromer for 2 wheel manufacturers and 1 nationwide wheel repair facility, and many of your favorite supra shops don't believe the lies that people say when they leave out major details.

Just google his name "Peter Humblias" and see how many people have had problems with him.

Peter Humblias Attorney

Peter Humblias Real Estate Attorney
Complaint Rating: 75 % with 16 votes
Company information:
Peter Humblias of Waldwick NJ
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This so called attorney listens to your case builds you up and convinces you that he can fix the problem. He barely follows up with you. Expensive but convinced me it was worth it. After 4 months of phone calls, I found out he even switched firms in the middle of my case. I got another attorney at fraction of the cost to solve the problem without aggravation OK why didn't I get that money for all of my aggravation back? Because he and his new firm kept it to prove just how slimy a bastard he is and how after all his years of law school he still get away with it!
He is located in New Jersey!!

About time he is taken off the streets, Would you believe a local Judge backed him up to show how dishonest the system is.

This attorney also represents himself as partner of Rush and Humblias but Mr. Rush denies they were ever partners.

Incredible how this attorney could get away with the lies, deceptions and incorrect information which he provived to his clients just to get a deposit. Stay away! Stay away! He will tell you everything you want to hear but in the end no results are achieved. The only result is that your deposit will be gone.

Peter Humblias is the worst attorney ever experienced. Any positive reviews you read are no doubtly reviews from his mom, wife or himself. He ripped me off and many others. I should of investigated or read the bad reviews before hiring him. EVERyONe I spoke with have said nothing positive all terrible NEGATIVE experiences.. If I have my way he will be disbarred
The WORST attorney ever EVIL, LIAR and con artist!!!

interesting that so called attorneys back him and talk about party not giving names. Why don't these attorneys give their names. His mother better wake up and realize he is the most dishonest person alive.

I have worked with this man multiple times. It has been an aweful experience (it is utterly my fault that I trusted him for more than one case, but I am really gullible). He and his mother are both con artists and work to keep each other in business. Stay away at all cost. He will overcharge by a huge amount for barely any work done. Anyone who has questions can contact me via my profile email. I will gladly provide backup to what I've posted here.

Peter Humblias is the most arrogant lawyer I have ever encountered. Anyone who has anything positive to say about him is a complete fool. I wouldn't even recommend him to my worst enemy! Karma is a bitch and she will hunt Peter Humblias down when it's his time ... I honestly believe that!

Stay away run fast, broken promises and overcharges. Gives one fee but at closing SURPRISE! charges obsured junk fees no other attorney does double the amount. No communication and would rarely get on the phone. You end up doing the work yourself. Wont give you anything in writting. DO NOT PAY him upfront. its a trick! No agent, broker or bank want to deal with him. Most of his business is referred by his mother the only agent who would work with him.
Here was his wheel when we sent it out 2 years ago.

Peter mentioned these issues in March of 2011.
We did offered to redo the parts that could be improved but the only resolution Peter agrees is for a full refund.
We will not refund him for it after services have been done. Only a few of the parts have issues out of the entire order.
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