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Price on clutch replacement..

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I'm planning on upgrading my factory clutch. I already purchased my new clutch and my flywheel has 5-6k miles on it at best. What should I expect to pay labor wise to have my clutch installed.
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That depends on where you go. I typically charge about $250 to put in a clutch at my place on a Supra. But I'm sympathetic toward Supra owners since I drive one myself... :D
Where is your shop? Any chance it's close to Rockville?
I'm up by BWI airport so it would be about a 40 min drive, but I've done it in about 20 min before:D ... I'm not sure what they charge but Altered Atmosphere is down that way if you want a reputable shop really close to you.
I believe AAM charges a hell of alot more money for a clutch job than most shops that's why I'm looking around.
Well my shop is small and I'm pretty flexible and do most my work there a few evenings in the week and days on the weekends, so if you feel like coming up here I'd be happy to put the clutch in for you.
shoot me an email of your shops address so I can see what kind of distance I'm looking at. Also give me a price. Although my flywheel is fairly new I would like to have it turned while the tranny is out.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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