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I need the following items to finish up my build. Please let me know the prices for them and if they are in-stock or not and when you would be able to get them. I can definately order them right afterwards. They are for a 94 TT 6 speed. Thanks!

TRD Motor mounts (need 2) 12360-JA800 engine mounts 93.5-96

TRD tranny mount 12371-ja800 6 speed trans mount

15100-46052 OIL PUMP

04111-46094 FULL GASKET KIT

90363-12002-77 PILOT BEARING

90401-19008 Union Bolt

90430-20016 Gasket

90301-68005 O-ring

90189-04218 Grommet,screw

I don't have part #'s for this stuff but need them as well..

The crank pulley key.
Both oil pan gaskets + sealer (if they don't come with the full gasket set)
I also possibly need the lower plastic timing belt cover depending how much it's for (i have one it's just all beat up)

My zip code is 53215 Milwaukee, WI to add in shipping.

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It would be 822.82 for everything. The TRD mounts are not in stock though; it could take several weeks to get them, everything else we have in stock. The lower timing cover is $37.21 (included that in the 822.82 total). Shipping would probably be $15-20.

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