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Can i get a quote on following parts?
also how do i place an order?

1994 Toyota Supra Turbo / Targa / 6spd (2jz-gte)
-Passenger A-pillar without the handle
-Front weatherstrip * where targa seats
-Rear weatherstrip *
(and whatever else i need to replaced both so it doesn't leak... )
-Front Main Seal
-Rear Main Seal
-Rear Trasmission Seal ?
-Shifter Seal ?
(trasmission is leaking like shit...)
-Oil Filter

1986 Toyota Corolla GTS (liftback)
-Engine mount (both)
-Transmission Mount
-Liftback shocks (both)
-Rear hatch stopper (rubber pieces)

Also mine is converted to a JDM - 4A-GZE MAF engine. I'm looking for a knock sensor. Do you think u can get me one?


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51.30 List 36.70 Sale - Backorder

Front weatherstrip for roof:
55.94 List 40.19 Sale - In stock

Rear weatherstrip for roof:
55.94 List 40.02 Sale - In stock

Crank seal:
13.26 List 9.48 Sale - In stock

Rear main seal:
37.95 List 27.16 Sale - In stock

Extension housing seal:
23.19 List 16.59 Sale - In stock

Shifter o-rings:
2.63 List 1.88 x2 Sale - Backorder

For AE86:

Motor mounts:
50.93 List 36.44 x2 Sale - Available

Trans mount:
86.22 List 61.69 Sale - Backorder

For hatch shocks need to know if it has rear wiper. The stoppers are discontinued. You would need to call Jeff on the JDM part.

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Is the extension housing seal and 2 o-rings all i need to fix my tranny leak? it's leaking both from the shifter... and the back
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