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hey there curt, im looking for a 6 speed shift knob,ebrake handle just the leather part and a center console the compartment.i also need the two black efi relays in the engine bay fuse box.

I also have a question my friend has a 93 auto tt and i have 94 tt 6 speed, we got our coilpacks mixed up one set had blue rubber ends and the other had white rubber ends can u tell me which ones came with what car...Thanks

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The replacement coils have blue boots. Part number is the same for 93.5-98 [90919-02205]

33504-14130 KNOB 6 SPEED LIST 122.69 COST 93.68
46201-14270-C0 PB LEVER ASSY LIST 125.55 COST 95.86
58901-14H00-C0 CONSOLE BOX ASSY LIST 123.35 COST 94.18
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