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Got the motor(long block), auto trans(don't need it, for sale btw ;)) MAP sensor, igniter, ECU, and harness

Ask what you like...They get picked up for varying prices.

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Is it worth it for the clip?

I mean its convenient thats for sure.

...but price wise...if you can get just the engine/manula tranny/ecu/wiring harness for just under $2K is the clip for just under under $4K still the way to go?

How long did your clip take to get from Jarco?

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Some times the clip is worth it. There is places that try to sell you 1jz engines as a Supra direct drop in and it's far from it. When i sell engine sets I try to give you everything that you would need to complete the swap in a A70 or what ever car your are going to swap it in to. But if you buy from someone that your know doesn't work on Supras everyday like Aaron and I do, make sure that you are geting the right engine and all the parts that are needed, or else that good deal will turn in to a bad deal fast.
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