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Our Silicone Inlet Hose Upgrade Kit is designed to replace the restrictive corrugated factory hose with a stronger, larger diameter, smoother flower 4-ply silicone hose. We increased the compressor inlet diameter by 30% and maintained a long, smooth transition to 87mm at the outlet of the air box. This kit utilizes a 62mm compressor inlet flange to allow maximum airflow to the stock turbocharger and any drop-in turbocharger upgrade. (For reference, a 35R-sized turbocharger utilizes a 62mm inlet.) The inlet flange smoothly transitions from 74mm to 62mm over a 32mm length to reduce turbulence. Also, our kit removes factory air dampeners/silencers, so customers can expect to hear a drastic increase in audible intake noise.

*Please note that this kit does eliminate the integrated CCV valve, so a tune is required.

Silicone Inlet Hose Upgrade Kit can be purchased separately or paired with our Drop-In Panel Filter Upgrade for optimal performance, this combination with constitute our Stage 1 Intake System.

Intake Inlet ID
  • OEM 84mm
  • PRL 87mm
Intake Outlet ID
  • OEM 51mm
  • PRL 62mm

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