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Hello Everyone,
I just bought a remote start (Valet 552T). I got everything installed at Circuit City and stuff and it works great. EXCEPT when I unlock and lock the doors or use the remote start only the front parking lights flash. The back lights don't (like they did with the factory keyless entry). The guys at circuit city say that it might be out of their control and that I have to go to a dealer because it should be coming off of the same wire. But when I go and use my old (factory) keyless entry remote, the back lights flash just fine. Any ideas? The guys at circuit city are cool so if I tell them what I think it is, they will definetly hook me up and fix it for me. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I can just fix it myself. I know its not a big deal but I like to see if I locked my doors or not but I can't see them in most parking situations where I'm walking a way from the car.

Thanks for any help.
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