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Problem when starting car?

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Sometimes when i try to start my car all i get is one click noise and then nothing, all i get is the sound of all the power dying and i can not start the car at all, to fix it all i have to do is open the hood and like tap on the battery, not even hard, then all the power comes back, and the car starts up right away with no problem. The problem started to happen all the time, so i changed the battery, it didnt do it at all for a long time, now it happens like once a week if that, but still annoying. I changed the negative end with a new one, have not changed the positive one yet, but what can this be, a bad ground? i noticed with the stock positive end i can not get it totally tight, it is on there but with some force you can move it. What can this be? would that cause it? there is a good connection but u can still move it if u really try.
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If your terminals aren't making enough contact with the battery, the amperage drawn through the connection can actually melt the contact point. (Just think of how we use fuses in aftermarket stereo setups as a safety measure.) I would recommend that you clean the battery terminals and main ground location as well as getting everything nice and snug.
If it's intermittant, and the battery and contacts are good, then you have a bad spot in the starter, I would replace it.
it definitely has something to do with the ground, yesterday i could not get the car started so i pulled on the ground and had a friend try to start it and worked right away, now what can i do to fix this? where does the ground from the negative end of the battery go?
I get the same problem like once a month. I turn the key and I get a click and all the power is gone (everything - all the idiot lights, etc turn off). All I have to do to fix it is open the hood and try to wiggle the negative cable on the battery. As soon as I touch it, all the power comes back (alarm chirps once, doors lock, buzzer in the car goes off cause I left the keys in the ignition, etc). I was wondering if one of those "Hyper Ground" kits would help? They are pretty cheap so I figured I would try it one day.

yup thats exactly what happens, i guess it has to be a bad ground
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