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Hi Guys,

I need some help with my car. Up until yesterday my car was running fine at 15psi (1 bar). This is the boost setting I have my stock twins running TTC mode on. Today all of a sudden my car won't boost beyond 7.5 psi (0.5 bar) on the Boost gauges. At first I thought it was a boost leak, so I pop the hood up and checked all my pipes and FMIC for leaks and took the bumper out and looked even carefully and nothing no leaks.

My second step was to hook up a secondary boost gauge directly to the vacuum line on Turbo No#1. And same thing, it’s reading 8.5psi (slightly higher boost) before the FMIC due to no pressure loss, since the reading is taken immediately on the turbo itself.

Then I knew it couldn't be a boost leak, I also ran sequential mode and same thing. Difficult to figure out what's wrong with the car :-(

Any suggestions guys...?? My stock twins are brand new so they can't be bust, what else could be the cause to my problem...??

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TTC is where you wire the egcv and iacv actuators open.

eTTC is where you use a switch to send a gnd signal to the vsv's which causes the actuators to open. This method only works if your vsv's, pressure tank, and actuators are working properly.
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