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Here is my dilemma, I have a Presicion 74 GTS, I sent it to Precision to have it rebuilt about 1 1/2 ago, didnt put it on the car until a year ago. Less than a year the turbo is smoking, to eliminate the valve stem seals and motor, my friend made a plate to bolt up the the turbine housing where the shaft and the turbine wheel would normally go into. I started the car and let it idle for 10-15 mins, car did not smoke at all, that tells me that its not the motor.

I took the turbo to a place locally and they took it apart, said the bearing and seal looks fine, so I put the turbo back on and not even 10 mins of idling the smoke began to pour out the exhaust. It has to be the turbo. I checked the return line, its cleared (straight down), I have -3 line for a journal bearing turbo.

Do know what to do at this point because I eliminated the turbo from the equation and it did not smoke. Should I have it rebuilt again or have a shop locally replace the seal and bearing and try again?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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