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as i was pulling into my driveway as i always do everything was fine. then this one time as i was making my turn..i hear a bang and feel it in the steeringwheel. im not sure what it was, and dint pay much attention at first. but now i notice that my car doesent turn with the eaze that the power steering used to have. so i checked the power steering fluid...checked out fine. what else could it be? could i have broken anything? that car still steers and goes straight. but its hard as hell to turn now, like i have no more power steering.
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Did you check the power steering belt and motor too?
Yea that definitely sounds like You broke Something to do with the power Steering..
ok. thanks. ill check it out when it stops raining, so prob. tomarrow. and ill be back with more questions and or results. thank you
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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