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hey guys

basically heres the story - i had a car alarm installed - car started NO PROBLEM before that

i get the car back - car works great - i drive it home, park it - try to drive it 2 hours later again - NOTHING - doesn't turn over, starter doesn't make any noise - but all the other power comes on

i call the guys up - they send a mech. over and he takes a look at it - he starts jiggling the wires that are under the dash that they worked on, car catches, stops, jiggles more, car starts up completely

anyways - OBVIOUSLY it was a loose wire

today i go to drive it again - starts fine

i drive it home, park it - go to start again - NOTHING AGAIN

i eventually gave up and just pop the clutch to get teh car going again - drove it in - try to start it with autostart - it tries to start 3 times but can't start so its clearly something loose after the autostart was patched in - perhaps a relay or something

anyways - its clearly one of the wires THEY worked on - im taking it in again tomorrow to fix it

background on my car - TT 6 spd - alarm is a compustar 900mhz - newest one supposedly - has remote start, starter kill, turbo timer built in

any other ideas??? or is that for sure the wire going to the starter that is the problem???

i guess they will do the checking tomorrow anyways!! thanks in advance

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wow, im surprised tha they did a remote start on a 6spd. anyway, i think its mostlikely the wire. cant see it being anything else with those simpthomes. maybe a loose connection in the plug that goes to the ignition, but thats about it.
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