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I have a 97 6sp and had an original BD (Bryce Danna) short shifter installed until it broke some time ago. I swapped in a new 93-95 shifter, but it tends to jump out of gear in 2 & 4 when I release the clutch and do not keep pressure on the shift lever. While it may be my imagination, but it does seem to happen more when the car has warmed up and been driven a little.

So, is there some incompatibility between the 93-95 and 97-98 shift levers for 97 cars, something wrong with the 93-95 shift lever, or something more ominous happening with my transmission?

I have not tried installing the original 97-98 shifter as I hate replacing the boot gasket at the bottom of the shift lever assembly, but I may end up doing that to see if the lever still pops out of 2 & 4.

BTW, the car only has 43k on it.
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