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Hi people,

have a small problem, after 12 months of work on my supra we have finally finished it, however along the 12 months of the build up, we changed from a 100mm throttlebody, to a

75mm professional power throttlebody..

The reason for changing was the 100mm felt like pushing a 5kg weight with your foot to crack it open, this was nowhere near appropriate for normal driving duties.. so the 3" throttle was purchased, that my mechanic organised.

Now this throttle is much easier to crack open, however the problem is now it feels like there is *NO* pedal there at all, the spring in the throttle is too weak, there is no resistance..

I was wondering if anyone on here might have any experience with these throttles by chance ??

Apparently there is no easy way to change the spring in these throttles either, short of what I can see chopping things up and welding back together with a stronger spring.

I have emailed the guys @ professional power to see what they can recommend.

Browsing their site I found a pic of another model similar to mine, and well you guys can see for yourself the differences in the springs ...

and the model off their site ..

any info / help would be fantastic guys !!
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