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Thanks to Atlantic Motor Sports for the great work:rockon:

Problems I have ran into and questions I have:

-The manifold is about 15 degrees off from fitting perfectly, as is it is too close of a fit. Refabricated to fit.

-The downpipe needed to be refabricated a little bit.

Overall the turbo kit is great, despite what others have heard, I rather find out for myself than hearing from others.

-Anyone else have a problem finding a Apexi AFC NEO?:rant: Of course, I got sick of waiting for Apexi to finally ship out the thing and luckily found someone that had one sitting around a shop, got it for 150 bucks and had AMS (atlantic motor sports) wire it up to my stock ECU.

-MAF adapter? Anyone else have problems needing to put a different one on?

-What size injectors is everyone using? I chose to use 525cc Precision Injectors from MVP. And reviews on these?

-I baught the wrong size airfilter, baught a 3" filter for a 4" intake, smart move right?.........:iwdumbass:

-Whats everyones opinion on the HKS style wastegate? I did not buy a boost controller because I assume that the wastegate's spring is strong enough to hold a 7psi boost, correct? I will buy one but for time being, I have not done so yet.

-Clutch......2 months before buying the turbo kit I had to replace my clutch and quite frankly dont want to have to replace it again yet, anyone else run stock clutch set up on a turbo car? Not smart and wont last long I've been told, I would like to get ATLEAST a month out of my clutch. Is this a likely goal?

-I was curious as well as other I have seen are about if the stock midpipe will hook up to the downpipe provided by XS, I found out it does.....

-Distributor in the way? Well I have heard this is rather a big issue, as most times I have seen the distributor doesn't get in the way of the intake, is just a close fit. Anyone else have any problems with this?

-I said earlier I had not baught a boost controller, that was a bit of a lie, I did order one from suprastore and ordered overnight shipping......3 days later they tell me they have not processed my order yet...... so that's why I dont have one, other than that I have had good experience with them.

From the day my Fuel pump got it until the day I hauled it to AMS it took a little over 2 months to get everything a) here b) organized and c) made sure I had everything. For those who say you only need a few parts to do a turbo kit and that its easy and cheap they are a...............It doesnt matter how cheap you go, there is a few parts not included that need to be ordered if you go with the XS kit: .......Fuel Pump, Injectors, Fuel Management, Air Filter, Spark plugs, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Intercooler Piping....I may be missing a few but those are at the top of my head.

XS T-61mm turbo
Blitz 50mm Blow off valve
Precision 525cc Injectors
HSK style 40mm wastegate
K&N Air Filter
CX Racing 3" intercooler piping
XS 12x24.3" Intercooler
XS Polished Stainless Steel Manifold
XS Stainless Dump Tube
Walboro 255 Fuel Pump
Blitz NUR SPEC catback exhaust
NGK Spark Plugs
Fuel Pressure Regulator

Apexi AFC NEO engine management
Autometer Gauges & Pod
Pioneer Headunit

18" wheels
Yokahoma Tires
OEM carbon fiber hood
Shaved Emblems

MOMO racing seats
TRUST (greddy) Shift Knob
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