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Hello everyone,

We are going to start making parts for the non turbo and twin turbo supras. While we are working on a few turbo kits for the twin turbo supras we would like to start making headers for the non turbo engine.

If anyone is interested in volunteering their car for a few days in order for us to do the fitments, testing and tuning please contact us by phone (805)578-8551 or e-mail us at [email protected].

The person who will let us use his/her car will get the headers for free once we go into production.

We are located in 4564 E Los Angeles Ave, Suite G, Simi Valley, CA, 93063 if anyone wants to come check us out.

So far we have been making parts for the 3rd generation eclipse's. We have made a turbo kit for the 4 cylinder eclipse which we gained 50% power increase at the wheels (at 5psi). Headers for a v6 eclipse which we gained 27 horsepower to the wheels. Downpipe for an NA v6 eclipse which we gained 14.7hp to the wheels.

Right now we are about to finish a supercharger kit for the new eclipse and shortly after a twin turbo kit for the car.

This is our history to those who might be interested in what we have done so far. We are trying to get into the supra market as well as other cars.

We have an AB-flug S900 supra that we are working on and a few more projects in the works. So if anyone is interested in helping us bring more products for the supra please let us know.

Thank you very much. AL (805)578-8551

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when do you need the car? and for how long? i'm here in Orange County, about 1hr drive from you guys. maybe we can talk about it. let me know, drop me an email.

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giving up a car for 3 days and getting free headers...sounds good to me. someones gonne be lucky, but its not me...cuz im in PA. if you want to set up shop on the east coast and try stuff on my car please do :D
anyway, i wish you guys luck in producing for the NA and TT supras alike. Just a word to you guys tho. Focus on the NA market where there is less available and you will be able to draw more sales. there is SOOOO much for the TT supras, and all of the NA's are saying "what about US". good luck to you
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I caught that too....

The only thing I can think of is that they built a pipe that came off of the exhaust headers to replace any pre-cat and or cat.

Or they are just trying to get someone to give them a car that they can joy ride in for a week :)

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We have built a Y pipe coming from the manifolds all the way to the cat back. By doing that we have removed all the cats off the car and gained 14.7hp to the wheels.

We knew it will make a difference but weren't sure how big of a difference it made until we drove the car. It changed the way the car feels and drives, it feels like it gained a lot more then the dyno showed. We will be trying to do the same thing with the NA supra and hope for the same results or better.

Our main focus right now is to finish the headers for the NA supra and moving to other things like making turbo kits for it and a lot more.

We dont need someone's supra to joy ride in, we have 2 of our own. :)

Thanx, AL (805)578-8551

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i'm in l.a. area but i can't lend my car for that long. sorry. but i might be able to drop by and stay for a little while so you guys can do some testing. i can't leave my car there overnight though. good luck making the headers and i agree with that other guy that said to focus on the n/a's... hehe ... we need more products... how close is simi valley to santa barbara? isn't 805 area code the santa barbara area code? and santa barbara is pretty far from here... bout 120 miles... just wondering... about those headers though... what kind of price range might we be looking at? and i was also wondering if you made any upgrades for the lower model new eclipses? thanks
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