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Project interior pics

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here are a few pics i snapped tonight while working on my interior. I am taking out all of my burgundy interior and putting in grey interior.

I got basically everything taken out except for the carpet (I dont have grey carpet to put back in it yet). I got the dash and door panels put back in tonight. The dash was kinda a bitch, especially remembering where all of the wires from the wiring harness went.

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You should go and get some of that carpet dye and dye it pure black, the seats are out so it will be easy. Your not supose to use it for drastic changes but a dark dark red would be better than the maroon and if you get black there is a better chance you will get a full color change.
looks good...looks like mine actually...i did a switch from maroon to grey...but i didnt do the dash...i was just too lazy and the two tone didnt look that bad anyways. ill post pics when i take pics.

nice job tho.
hell yeah dude! im gonna be doing the same damn thing once my engine is running right....

for carpet...go here and spend the 200 or so bucks for the black carpet or the dark grey thats cut for our will be money well spent! and change that out and it will look gorgeous!
thanks man, ill definatly get that. I fully planned on changing the carpet, just had not found any yet. I just couldnt take anymore of the burgundy interior. Thanks for the comments.

here is a pic of the passenger door panel. I cant wait to get all of my interior in.

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just did the same swap in my buds 90, burg to grey, full swap though every last little peice of plastic and rug was swapped, its not a fun job. :mad:
the grey looks MUCH better! :bigok:

i have never seen the dash out before and im glad i never have cause just looking at it is giving me a headache! :p

we all await the final pics!
Hey IdealSupra on that site does the "complete set" include door inserts and the back seat side panels? or do you know? Thanks
very nice, Im going to do the same for my blue interior... going grey, already removed the rear panels.... just need a grey donor in Tampa :(. oh well I have more pressing issues right now
What a huge difference! Good job!
Hey all,
Don't mean to hi-jack the thread, but wanna help ya'll out... this offer's for Stock87Turbo, unless he passes it up...

I have the 2 large rear-hatch side plastics if ya want them (good shape)! Just pay shipping from the Dallas area. They are from an 86.5 and should fit all MKIIIs.... the only issue may be is if you have a targa.... they do not have the holes for the brackets (you'll have to cut them out with a dremel)......

I replaced my carpet with black, but have already given the grey carpet away.... I will check to see if I still have the grey rear carpet....

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Wow, one of those shots just said OWNED all over it. haha.

Way to hang in there, my patience is way too thin for something like that.
here's a pic of my dash out... look familiar ?? LOL

All this for one crack on the dash, and now I have a new one starting already, less than a month after changing it :( No armor all, but I've only had the car like 9 months, dunno it's past...

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thanks for the offer man, but i already have those pieces, someone else can take you up on them though. I got non targa pieces as well, so I have to put my dremel to work.

to be honest with you since you have two interiors... A two tone nterior ALLWAYS looks better.. I would put the burgandy door inserts and maybe the lock trim etc from the old interior into the grey interior. with the door inserts and the rear side inserts and the the rear bolsters for the rear seats changed then the little traingular inserts in the rear as well... try it on atleas t one door and take a look see what ya think... you may be suprised and actualy like it :)
Here's how I've done my panels.... meant to do a tech-tip, but haven't gotten 'round to it.... only a few hours of labor and maybe $20-$30 in materials/supplies..... Pics were too large to attach.....
yup thats exactly what I was saying!

looks so good that way! and since he allready has a burgandy interior it wouldnt even cost him money he can just swap out panels
Looks much better!:D
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