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Just wanted to give some Props to Titan and AutoTuner. Been out of the game for a few months now as many of you know but my co-worker Marc has a 94 Auto. His crank pulley destroyed itself and killed the radiator in the process. Titan was booked up (Nero was out of town as well at SEMA) and James and John where more than happy to take care of me and gave me a killer deal on parts. I also wanted to thank Adam and Larry at AutoTuner for getting the car in quickly and giving him a great deal on Labor and the even throwing in a free timing belt. Both these shops get mine and Marcs thumbsup.:)

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Thanks for the compliment! Yea we took quick care of that car. We always love to get a new Supra through our doors.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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