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Name: Mario F.
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Paypal Email: [email protected]
Payment: Paypal + fees/e-transfer
Price: USD
Items: 2JZGTE VVTi and 1JZGTE non-VVTi used parts.

All prices are in USD and includes shipping, insurance and tracking. Paypal fees are on buyer. Feel free to ask for specific pictures. Will post photos soon.

The 2JZ had spun a bearing back in May. Today the head has not yet been removed from the block. This engine has a lot of oil deposits from having bad valve stem seals on exhaust side. The VVTi metal screen was found to be clean. According to the calendars behind the lower timing belt cover this engine was a May 2004 engine. I had purchased this engine from a Importer in Toronto in 2017 as a Aristo swap with 93,000km. Engine now has about 100,000km (60,000 miles) or less.

$1300 Cylinder Head (Head with complete valvetrain and VVTi)
$500 Valve Covers
$200 Upper Intake Manifold
$100 Lower Intake Runners
$65 Upper Waterneck
$150 Throttle Body
$75 Fuel Rail with Pink Injectors
$65 MAP
$80 Alternator
$200 Valley Cover (Primer Grey)

1JZ was pulled from a swapped pre89 NA MK3 Supra and mileage is unknown.

$250 Valve Covers
$150 Throttle Body
$150 Upper Intake Manifold
$75 Lower Intake Runner
$80 Injectors - rail included
$70 Waterpump
$425 Engine Harness - Yellow pre89 JZA70 Extended M/T harness, no ABS, no Cruise, no oil pressure.
$200 ECU - M/T 2-row JZA70
$175 Coil Packs - brackets included
$85 Ignitor
$65 MAP
$75 Upper Water Neck
$200 Turbos
$55 Solid Motor Mounts
$60 TT Piping
$45 Turbo feed/return lines
$60 IACV
$65 OEM Pullies*

Cylinder head
Rear sump
Engine Brackets
Crank Pulley

~~2JZ Things Sold~~
Crank Pulley
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