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After I was stricken with the dreaded BHG, I decided to fix/replace a few things inside the engine. As far as the head goes, it was not warped at all, so they just resurfaced it (maybe .001" of material taken off).

Mostly I am looking for suggestions/warnings. Especially concerning annoying things like ... EGR.

Things I probably will be doing:
-ARP head studs, main studs and rod bolts. Obviously...
-Charcoal canister delete. Is there another way to pass that portion of emissions?
-EGR delete (maybe). Will this only affect NOx emissions or will it throw off other emissions and/or cause engine troubles in the future?
-Throttle body coolant passage re-route. Not particularly good for intake air heat and this isn't going to be a winter car.
-AC delete. Saves a little bit of weight, but mostly I just never use the thing. Even on those 90 degree days I usually just roll the windows down. Can someone PLEASE link me to a thread/site which shows where to buy the new belt since the stock one will now be too big.
-Rod and Main bearings (clevite or toga... not sure yet). I do not intend on getting rod knock any time soon, so properly clearanced new bearings are a must.
-Lots of painting and polishing ;)
-All seals/gaskets not included in the headgasket kit I already bought.
-Transmission input/output seals (maybe..)
-Clutch. Some suggestions on this would be nice. As far as torque-holding needs, some kind of streetable 6puck seems necessary. Shooting for about 400 rwhp on this 60trim, then moving on to a slightly better turbo and ~450-500 reliable (for the turbo anyway) rwhp.
-Intercooler OR co2/water IC sprayer kit OR Water/co2/propane injection. Basically I want lower intake temps.
-Intercooler hardpipes/BOV. .

Things I probably will not be doing:
-Pistons/rings. The previous owner dropped the coin for a new shortblock 35k ago and they look fine, so pending closer inspection of the rings, I probably won't bother. The cylinders have also retained a nice crosshatch pattern and prior to my BHG, compression was normal.
-Oil pump. Came with the shortblock change of the previous owner. I'm going to thoroughly inspect and clearance it to be sure, but if it's fine, it's fine.

As far as rods go, I am keeping the stock ones, and I may or may not have them treated for power. I also may spring for some ceramic coatings.

I probably forgot something somewhere.

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i have the act 6 puck unsprung, and hate having to rev like a bitch so when I replace that im going sprung spec stg 3.

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The ac is run off a seperate belt...
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