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pulling my hoses=big HP???

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What hoses are puled to get big HP?

I saw (DP + puled Hose = 400) IS this right?
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he was running full boost. probley had a bcc also.

and a strong running car.
What hoses are puled to get big HP??????

how can pulling some hose of give that much HP.
go to and check out the tech articles, has pictures and everything
whats a 4" pipe goin to the back of your super drager? and a RM? downpipe?? what is that?

not quite 400 :)

I made 389 with a pulled wastegate hose and the FFCD. These mods were done before I bought the car - they have "downsides".

Pulling the wastegate hose allows boost to skyrocket. The motor can take it BUT the compressor overspeeds out of it's designed range. In time, especially with long top-end pulls, it will fail more quickly. The hose that's pulled for this is hose T below->

The second mod must be done for this to allow higher than stock boost. Some soft of BCC must be done - in my case it's the FFCD. The Supra has a MAP sensor for detecting boost levels. The FFCD simply bypasses this sensor! The downsides of this is that the car doesn't know it's in boost an dwill not turn on the fuel pump to 12volts as early as it would normally. The second downside is that it will apparently NOT prespool the second turbo properly. In my dyno sheet I see turbo #1's power falling off slightly as it runs out of breath - at the same time the car goes slightly lean, turbo #2 kicks in around 4K and power ZOOMS to a peak then slopes downwards. I'd actually be interested in hearing from others as to my sheet - looking at it again I think there's more than a little bit of improvement! Page with details is here Here's a quick snapshot of the HP curve - you'll have to goto the site to see A/F as I couldn't get it all to graph together. I need to get the WINPep stuff here :rolleyes: This is corrected standard with smoothing set to #1. I've got other pulls too if anyone is interested. The first one was righ toff the street, the second with a reset ECU, this one with the hose pulled.

Hope that helps explain things. I'll admit I'm running aorund with it setup liek this now but I'm driving it VERY little and will reconnect the hose shortly. The FFCD I cannot undo right now since boost will creep past the cut with my exhaust setup. As soon as the AEM ECU comes out I'm running it which is why I've not bought a Greddy BCC. My dyno data file is attached.

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I had the VSV mods on my car

It never feels as smooth as a car with a real boost controller...

Brittany said:
I had the VSV mods on my car

It never feels as smooth as a car with a real boost controller...

VSV mod is the puled hose to get big HP mod? YES / NO

so if i have a EBC doing the vsv mod is not good??

TurboRed said:
whats a 4" pipe goin to the back of your super drager? and a RM? downpipe?? what is that? Matt
super drager pipe was cut off and big 4in strait pipe put in its place. adds 1 ibs of boost more than a stock super drager and creats a nice sound

Lost me on that one but if you're talking about pulling that hose then yeah - it's kind of peaky and the dyno sheet displays that. I'm honestly not sure a boost controller would make more power in my situation - not unless I got rid of the FFCD which I believe is causing real problems...
FFCD caused my car to act funny
It's a totally jacked mod after awhile
Still learning...

I don't fully understand what that MAP sensor does or how the computer uses it. I know that it supposedly helps control turbo #2 prespool and the 12volt turn-on for th efuel pumps but I'm not sure what else. I would put it back to stock but with DP, exhaust, and air filter I'm pretty sure I'd bump the cut :( I'm not driving it too much and will be out of town the last week of this month, my fingers are crossed that AEM releases very soon after that. I'll be one of the first in line with a GB. After install I'm hoping, really hoping, that the base maps it ships with yield BIG improvements...
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