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This was forward to me from a friend
figure I'd list it here in case anyone was interested

also please don't buy a store bought puppy those puppy mills are terrible!
They bred them in filtyu conditions sometimes in people's backyard ro basement, and lots of times the puppies come sick or with parasites

> >----- Original Message -----
> >
> > Tuesday, April 26, 2005 5:24:41 PM
> >Message
> >Project Number:
> >Additional Info:
> >From: Meghan Leininger_NJ
> >Subject: Puppies looking for good homes
> >To: NJ - Mail List
> >A family of dogs, (who happen to be living in my house,) need a good
> >home.
> >I adopted them so they wouldn't be put to sleep, but there are too
> >- a mom and her three babies!
> >They are all mutts, but the mom is mostly Shiba Inu and the babies
> >might be a bit Rottweiler/Lab.
> >If anybody knows a good home for them, please let me know.
> >Their pictures are attached.
> >If interested, please contact either Art, Meghan or
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