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Because California sells 100% automatic cars, I'm forced to look out of State to purchase I paticular type of car out of State. My question are:

1. Per DMV, I can only purchase cars that are California compliant (ie PZEV)?
2. If I buy the out of State car, I obvioulsy need to pay shipping, do I need to pay the destination charge?

Thanks in advance!

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i'm not sure about the second question, but i'm assuming it's a new car you are trying to get. have you tried asking the dealership (here in CA) if they can source one outside the state and have it shipped over? my neighbor down the street tried buying an 09 tundra a few years ago brand new. the local dealership out here didn't have one in the color and with the options that he wanted, so they contacted another toyota dealership out in arizona and swapped one of their trucks in their inventory for the one they had that matched what my neighbor wanted.

I think by the dealership handling things this way, my neighbor didn't have to pay additional taxes and fees and whatnot because he technically bought the car through the CA dealership and not the AZ one.

As for the first question, if you're looking at a new car, I think the car has to be CA compliant unless you put like 7000 miles (or w/e DMV says. theres a mileage requirement) on it before registering it here.
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