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Hi everyone.

I plan to put in new motor mounts and valve stem seals. I'll probably bring the car over to Elmhurst Toyota to get the work done.

My questions are:

1) Should I stick with stock motor mounts? Or should I look into aftermarket substitutes such as TRD or PHR?

2) What else should I get done while the work is getting done? If other parts needs to be pulled out while replacing the motor mounts and valve stem seals, I might as well replace them to save on labor costs down the line.

3) Lastly, I will probably be upgrading the suspension to JIC FLT-A2 coilovers. Is it worth changing out the control arms? I probably should change out the suspension bushings. Which ones are recommended? I've heard good things about the Daizen bushings, for the lower bushings, and keep the stock upper bushings. Is this correct?

Anyone else have the work done by a shop? How many hours of labor did it cost you? Also, I'm not 100% into performance. I like to seek a balance between comfort and performance.


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If you go to aftermarket motor mounts, the consensus seems to be the TRDs. PHR are just too stiff. Stay with stock or go TRD. if you are looking to keep the stock feel, stay with stock. either aftermarket will give you in car vibration.

if you're planning on going to big cams or spinning the motor pretty high (like 8 grand or more) you coul dhave some valve springs installed. they're going ot be out anyways to do the seals. if cams are a long way off though, you might just go ahead and wait.

no idea on your suspension questions.

Good luck... i just had my valve stem seals replaced ...pain in the ass....i agree with mike.. you probably should upgrade while you are in there...:)
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