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Well, the local track does doorslammer shootouts, and ever since I sold my Mustang, I've wanted to get back into Drag Radial heads up racing. It's so much fun, and the competition is a little stiff, but I think the Supra will hold it's own. Here's what I've got so far, and the 2nd list is what I'm currently adding.
Stock 2JZ-GTE
BL Manifold
ITS GT 72 DBB turbo
Full fuel system
880cc injectors
26x11.50 ET streets
Eibach springs

---This setup was good for [email protected] on 28psi, but the tranny was trying to shift into OD at about the 1000' mark and we all know that's not good.

Here's what I'm adding/ upgrading:
HKS 280's
Crower springs&titanium retainers
ITS GT-80 X-trim DBB turbo
Built TH-400 w/ 4500 converter and Transbrake
Weld Magnum Drags 15x10 w/ 8" BS w/ 325/50 D/R (rear) 1 piece skinnies in front
Coil Overs
N/A Brakes all around
Tuned on 30-32psi and 118 octane
125-150 NOS wet kit

---Do you think that it is possible that this setup will run low 9's if not High 8's? Considering a good tune, and good traction? I've already got all the parts on the 2nd list and am just waiting on the transmission to be completed, and the rear wheels to arrive. Is there anything I'm forgetting?????

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No way... ever.... stick to driving mustangs and working on that mullet.


You know what I think.

Honestly, I think your only limitation with that much power will be the short block. It will be living on barrowed time on that type of load. BUT... there are budget strokers now... and who doesn't like alittle stroke here and there.

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Oh, I can forsee a new shortblock over the winter...So I'm not too worried about it making 50 or so passes at 1000hp
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