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putting transmission in gear when parked

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Hi all
when I have the car on a hill (forward sloping down; front of car is lowe/rear of car is higher)
and I put the gear in Reverse, the car does not roll forward,
just curious about what's "locking" it in place since my rear diff is open, shouldn't the car still roll forward???

I used to be able to do the opposite on a forward sloping up hill and putting the gear in 1st,
but when I tried today, it failed to "lock" the wheels down.

My car was towed today like 50 feet by the nypd. Not sure if they towed it from the front or rear. But at the time my shifter was in Reverse; as I was on a foward downslope.....
When I tired to put it in 1st while parked on a hill later on in the day, the car still rolled backwards instead of "locking" down.....
wondering if they messed something up.....:dunno: :confused: :mad:
Drove the car today ~50 miles and it seemed fine in all other respects

btw: my transmission is a w58
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